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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Under the wire (again)

If I did even HALF as much sewing the rest of the month
that I do in the last two days of the month, I might 
actually run out of fabric!

(Perish the thought - right?)

OK - I got it done.  

It's not midnight yet. 

Here's a picture.  

(Maybe I can figure out how to turn that picture around tomorrow.)

Oh - at the beginning of April
                          it looked like this:
                (bloggy link here)


- sash

Thursday, April 17, 2014


John Green says:


 Well, I am a nerd  
(shocking, I know).
 Presenting this week's haul of things-I-unironically-like!

 And this:
Lizzie Bennet Diaries

And the altar
turned out great
on Sunday:

                   And my husband started his new JOB this week!
             And today is my brother's BIRTHDAY!
       And even though it's raining right now, SPRING is in the air!
And a Nerd's just gotta take a moment and ENTHUSE about things!!!!

To everyone, 
            Blessed Pesach 
                   Happy Easter
                             Welcome to Spring (Beltaine's coming soon!)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Moving right along....

March was a blur of business and stress.  My sweetie quit his job (after 27 years!).  My work landed some big new projects.  The ManChild started another term of school.  Just a whole lotta life being lived.

Not a whole lotta quilting going on, however.  In particular, my March "A Lovely Year of Finishes" wasn't.  


At all.

Ah well.  
I will keep working on getting MC's Carpenter's Star quilted but that's not my goal for April.  I figured out that I can't really set a goal for creativity and inspiration.  I can work on it, but I can't guarantee that I'll find a pattern I'll love or decide on a final design.

I CAN set a goal that's based on putting in the time and effort.  That's something I can control - mostly.

My goal for April is to turn this:

Into a Broken Dishes quilt top.  Sorta like this:

I needed a project that I can just sew on without plotting or planning.  I had these great batiks from Connecting Threads and added some neutrals I had left from the Stonehenge line.  I got a start on it this weekend, cutting a lot of the squares and sewing some of them to make the HST's.  I think it will come together nicely.

So that's the plan for April's ALYoF2014.  Click here to check out these other great project and goals for the month.