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Monday, February 29, 2016

Boggled Bobbin

I'm doing this:

The first class was Sunday.  Sorting & organizing & cutting.  I think there will be a lot of that going on.  Each owl has over 40 pieces.  We're gonna start with the Foxes - those only have about 12.

Clearly, I've lost my mind.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Books of the ******FUTURE*****

Let's ignore, for the moment, that I have several (dozens) of physical books at home that I have not yet read.

Let's also set aside the knowledge that my Kindle contains a few (scores) of books that I also have not read.

There may be some (a large stack of) untouched quilting magazines too.

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Forget all that.

Because LOOK!!   

     Books from the 

I'm quite excited about the release of Adulthood is a Myth: a Sarah's Scribbles Collection. 

Here's a sample of this awesome comic & a link to check out more.

I'm a big fan of Augusten Burroughs & this book just popped up the Goodreads New Releases email:

Expected Release Date:
29 march 2016

And then there is this:


I love me some Rainbow Rowell.

This is one of a handful of selected short reads specially produced for World Book Day 

Release date (& world book day) - 
3 march 2016

Another upcoming release is 

EDGE: A YA/New Adult Paranormal Collection

This cool collection - 20 shorts stories by best selling YA authors - will release on 5 april 2016.  I love short stories. Such a great way to meet new authors & to see how favorite authors unfold & conclude a story in a limited space.

I've been asked to give an honest review of this collection in exchange for a free copy.  There is no ARC, so I'm on the pre-order list & am super excited to read & review this set.

It's a grey day in February.  I can't promise that the immediate future is BRIGHT, but I'm pretty sure it will be full of BOOKS, & what's better on a cloudy day than books?


Monday, February 15, 2016

Breakfast Club Phenomenon

The Breakfast Club Phenomenon (patent pending) is a great foundation for a story (& for most "real life" encounters).  Curtain rises on well sorted cast - Good guys over there, bad guys over here.  Slacker, bimbo, preppy, good girl, rebel... etc.  Cue the clueless adults.  Mix in one heart of gold.  

Then some sort of (varying degrees of contrived/ improbable) stuff* happens.  Opposites are tossed together.  Arch rivals* are forced to cooperate.   Hardships & madcappery reveal the nuances & quirks in each player.  Stereotypes are crushed. Prejudice tossed aside.  Unlikely pairings form, break apart, reform, etc.  Sometimes, in the end, even the adults are more/less cool/dorky than everyone thought.

Here's a new Breakfast Club Phenomenon book that I really enjoyed.  

The Improbably Theory of Ana & Zac 

Just because there is a formula, that does not mean this book are formulaic!  Not at all.  Where everyone starts, where they end up, & all the hi-jinx in between make for a fabulous read.  The plot, the setting, the epiphanies, & the individual growth - those are the core of a YA novel & a mirror of real life.

Along the way, our hearts are captured by these crazy kids because it's so very familiar.  Growing up (& continuing to grow) is so much about finding out we are more than our talents & background.  We push against & break out of the molds & shockingly, the people around us break free too - even free of the boxes that we put them in.  
de chicks can't handle de smoke.  dat's what it is.

Click on the original gang for other BCP books I like (when I get that list made)


* You know - stuff.  (Do my impressive literary terms intimidate you?  Make me less approachable?)
* What is the plural of nemesis?  Apparently, it's "arch rivals". (My vocabulary is second only to my spelling)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Down for the count

What's the opposite of a countdown?  

A count-up? Or maybe just...a count?

The countdown I talked about here came to an end on Sunday.  Final count: 35,388.  96 years, 10 months, 18 days.

The new count is now at 4.  4 sunrises to watch.  4 first cups of coffee.  4 days without Harold G. Schmidt alive on this planet.

At some point, I'll lose count.  Another day without him will just be, well, another day.  Without him.  I might forget to count, but I'll never forget him.

My daddy wasn't perfect, but he was amazing.  Like a character from the westerns he LOVED to read.

You rode this one to the barn, daddy.  We're gonna be ok.  You rest now.
You've certainly earned it.
Harold Glenn Schmidt
March 21, 1919 - February 7, 2016