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Monday, September 23, 2013

It's so SHINY!

 I'm not a girly girl.  Seriously - I own no makeup, don't understand the shoe obsession, and it's been 30+ years since I've been much into lace. Or pink. Or glittery.

Oh - but this makes my inner princess squeal.  Check out this Anodized Titanium Blade from Kershaw.

Can you believe it?  It's beautiful and imagine how smooth it must feel - all polished and such.

I've heard mixed reviews about titanium blades.  The range of metal quality means they could last and last or could wear quickly in the folding mechanism.  I like Kershaw blades, though, and have had good luck with even their lower priced items.

So a good serious blade with some brilliant color and a reasonable price.

(And it's really, really shiny!)

- Auntie Sash

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