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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

That one's done!

This one's done!

I remember my gramma telling me that there is a little angel at the end of the baby assembly line in heaven who checks over each one, pokes them in the tummy, & says

"That one's done... That one's done" 
That explains where belly buttons come from.
And where questionable biology comes from.
And some dubious theology

But when I'm baking or crafting or canning, I hear her voice (and my little girl voice echo) saying "THAT one's done".

So consider the Candy Square Quilt poked in the tummy!  Since I was following a pattern on that one, I ended up with binding that was wider than I normally use.  That definitely changed the look, but I like it.  It's a clean, fun little quilt and I'm hoping that Ms. P enjoys it.

Now I just need to quilt the rest of its partner - the green/yellow gems.  I'm considering a wide binding for that as well, since the minky cut I received was a little skimpy.  Rather than trim down the outer border (I worked so HARD to get that balance right!) I think that a wider binding, flipped mostly to the back, would work pretty well.  Wouldn't have thought of it except for the binding from the pattern - so a new trick for my arsenal.

Whatcha doin'?

This weekend I also played with some Christmas fabric working on a table runner and some little ornaments.  I found some fabric to make pillowcases, so that will be a Christmas gift option. Those should come together quickly.

Guardian Angel?

And it occurs to me that I must finish my Iron Quilter II entry by the end of this month.

That little angel in my sewing room better get a move on.  We're starting to get a back-log!


(If that's my sewing room angel balancing on the handle of that candlestick, that would explain the meltdown, shattered glass, flaming pool of coffee situation that happened.  Pay attention little cutie!  That cotton stash would have burned for hours!!!)

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