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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday's looking up!

If Monday is a bully, Tuesday is the smart, mean tag-along right behind the bully; less physically overwhelming, but sneaky & manipulative.

In my world, Tuesday is staff meeting day.  It starts early, everyone's in the office at once, I provide breakfast, we review all the jobs, bids, changes, problems, scheduling.

So it's way too early, way too many people, plus shopping, & cooking....  Blech!!!

Also, for some guys, it's the only time all week they come into the office.  So receipts, time cards, change orders, questions, packing slips, ordering, tool repairs, ALL THE THINGS come at me right after the meeting.  It's totally nuts & they are all eager to get back to the job site.

Did I mention that

Usually the guys clear out of here & order is restored by 9:30 or 10.  Ah - quiet at last, but that's when Tuesday gets all devious.  

All those pieces of paper, bits of information, & requests - they are floating around me demanding  ATTENTION!    ACTION!    RESOLUTION!    ANSWERS!!

Yeah - Tuesdays are rough.

You know what helps turn my Tuesday around?
     {Tylenol & Dr Pepper?}
Well yeah, normally.  But even better than that?
     {Better than Dr Pepper?  Blasphemy!}
How about an early visit from the mailman?
     {I'm listening}
With a package.
     {Keep talking}

                   {Oh YEAH!}

Always exciting to get something from Craftsy but this is a surprise.  Well - I ordered it.  But I don't remember really what it is - so right now, it's a surprise.

Wanna see?

Oh cool!  That was quick!  It's the Cotton & Steel Yellow Mystery Fat Quarter Box!  
They put these on clearance & I manag
ed to get one before they sold out! I LOVE yellow!!!

So let's check this out!!
Ta Da!
Hmmm - 
So that isn't what I was expecting. 
If you had to label this mix of fabrics, would you go with "yellow"?  
Yeah.  Me neither.

Guess it's even more of a surprise than I knew.

I'm still glad to have the Cotton & Steel pieces.  

Look at these prints - really cool images & such interesting colors.

And the hand of this fabric - the way it feels & drapes - it's really beautiful.

It's still Tuesday.  I'm not gonna skip my dose of Dr Pepper. But some soft colorful quilting fabric can make any day a little lighter & brighter, doncha think?


For other Cotton & Steel fabrics, check out Connecting Threads.  Their quilter's candy fabrics are great solids & blenders.  They show up in all my projects.  Their thread is also a really good, standard cotton thread.  I use it for piecing & for hand sewing.

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