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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mr Green hid the Lead Pipe on the SHELF in the Lbrary

I know that there are full TBR lists out there for the #MarchMysteryMadness.

I'm not that organized.

But it is March 1st & I am starting today, so that's not bad!

The prompt is SHELF.

  • I went to Goodreads, 
  • pulled up my shelf titled "To Be Read - on the Stacks" (meaning I own the book in some format), 
  • sorted by "date added" (oldest first), and 
  • selected the first mystery on that particular "shelf"

Inline image 1

First up for March Mystery Madness is Fine Spirits by Alice Duncan.
It's been on my shelf since November 26, 2013.  Yeah.  2013.  I dunno why.  I really enjoyed the first book in this series.  When it comes to books I'm sorta like a kid with lots of toys.  I forget how excited I was about one as soon as another shiny book comes my way.

But today is the day. 

So what are YOU reading??


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