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Monday, December 16, 2013

As Seen On YouTube

I'm having a great time with this Herringbone/Friendship Braid project.  The fabric is beautiful, the pattern is all mathy, and the results are just as I imagined (phew)!

It does, however, require pressing and trimming after each piece is attached.  No chain anything on this one.  I was pretty tired and Sparki the wonder dog was camped out between my chair and the ironing board.  I could have overcome my inertia but add in geriatric dog inertia and I knew that up & down and up & down wasn't happening.

I've never had a large, cleared, surface to do pressing and cutting and sewing all from one spot, but I thought it was worth a try.  I felt so efficient!  My little portable pressing pad (with a towel under for condensation), a small cutting mat and ruler, & I was good to go!  Being tall was a big help, and working on a long, narrow piece made the cutting possible.  Check it out!  A work station worthy of Jenny or the Gourmet Quilter !!

Rendered in Black & White because it IS the week before Christmas!
I also discovered one more important tool to have on hand.  A decoy project - in case someone shows up or walks in unexpectedly.  This photo is also in black & white.  Any WIP that's within reach right now is also headed for a December delivery.
Hastily deployed decoy quilt
Even with a visit from my sweetie to install hooks, a wall heater (yay), & some artwork, I got a lot of sewing done & Sparki had a nice, long nap by my side.  See how rested she looks?

The sweetest dog on the planet & such a pretty girl!
- sash

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