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Monday, May 26, 2014

Not even the last minute!!!

I set a pretty big goal for this month & it was totally done on time for the big party!

The lovely Colleen Petrina celebrated her 90th birthday at a gala event.

                | (That's my dad in the green 
                |  shirt right down here.  He was 
               \/  enjoying the refreshments.)

We had to leave before presents were opened but I have it on good authority (a text from my boss later in the day) that the guest of honor loved her new quilt.  

Well of COURSE she did!  Look at this Lovely thing!

Why do these pictures keep ending up sideways???

So this was my successful finish for May in A Lovely Year of Finishes.  This puts my record at 4 out of 5.  I'm pretty pleased with that.

If you want to see where this project started the month you can look here.

And here's a photo of the back in case you're interested (and to prove I really did get the thing quilted too!!)

Really?  This one ends up the right way??
I did pretty light quilting.  Partly because of timing.  Partly because it looked pretty and I was afraid I might screw that up.  I used spray basting for the first time ever & it worked well.  I knew I'd be quilting it immediately so there wasn't time for the adhesive to wear off. 

I also used a printable tape for the label.  Fits right in my little Brother label maker.
Not fancy but it looks ok & was quick

Now it's time to pick a project for June.  

Wow - June already?  

At least, if the year is going to fly by, A Lovely Year of Finishes is helping me have something to show for it!


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