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Monday, July 28, 2014

Count on me!

Who would have suspected that the Math Babe would get tripped up by counting?  
(Answer? Anyone who knits!)

I finished my scarf - and here it is:
I made a SCARF!
Not bad, right?  I mean - clearly scarf-like, reasonably even, no major holes or gaps - so I'm pretty pleased.

OK - it's not exactly like this picture I was aiming for when I set my ALYoF goal for July (link here):

Notice the nice diagonal lines all running parallel the length of the scarf?  

And on mine...not so much?  

There's that pesky counting issue.  

I started off a little sketchy (right hand side of the picture above).  I did start to get the hang of it but, somehow I lost count again, and the diagonally changed directions.

I paid more attention and got more practice and even figured out how that happened, so the rest of the scarf I would do 3 repeats of the pattern and then deliberately put in an extra row to change the direction.  That made the accidental turn look intentional.
Well - Semi-intentional
Here - a handsome male model stepped up to really show off my handiwork:
L'ours, il adore son écharpe!

A successful completion for my Lovely Year of Finishes.  

Also a GREAT learning experience 
(& not a bad 2nd knitting project!)

Now back to for my next adventure....


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