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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Quite Chuffed

First time I heard (read) it, I thought chuffed was like ticked or bugged - a bad, bent-out-of-shape kinda thing.  But it's not.  It's a good, tickle-with-myself kinda thing.

I admit it.  I'm feeling quite chuffed about how this turned out.
Starry Portal Bargello - Artisan Spirit fabrics with Handspray border
I still have to add the binding but otherwise it's finished!

I'm thrilled with the quilting work that was done by Just Quilting Pdx.  I told her what I sorta wanted & she gave me more than I could have hoped!  This thing is enormous (97" x 97") & she did a beautiful, border to border design that increased the motion, highlighted the fabric, & reduced the pixelated feel of the bargello.

I hope the newlyweds love it.  If not, the manchild will probably just bring it back home with him.  (He's chuffed too).

- sash

NB: Thanks to the kind words after my most recent post.  To those who said they can relate, I'm here any time you need to chat.  Really.  Even if you feel alone, you aren't ever alone.  XOXO - auntiesash.


  1. amazing and beautiful!! WOW!!

  2. OMG, sash, that is fantastically beautiful!! I don't think I've ever seen anything like it...I love how the "center" is off-center! Lovely colors, love the border, quite unique!!! You should rightly be chuffed!!! Love you !!