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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Don't be mislead by the title.  This will NOT be a list of Halloween (Samhain) appropriate books.  I don't do scary, creepy, spooky, or terror.  Remember, if you can't imagine the book being translated to the screen by the Muppets, then it's probably too scary for me.

I'm referencing the not-at-all-spooky Samantha Stevens - the main character from the Bewitched TV show.  Ah.... what a great show.  One of her many powers was the ability to twitch her nose & make time freeze.  Completely stop!  She (& whoever needed a quick talking to) would continue on while the rest of the world was on pause.  Then, a finger snap from Sam, & everyone finished sipping their martinis & wagging their fingers at Darwin.

I've always wanted this power.  Just think of it!  In addition to meeting deadlines with ease, just think of the NAPS I could take!  Chores wouldn't interfere with fun times because I could just hop into a time bubble, clean the bathroom, take a shower, have a cup of coffee & snap back into the time stream!

And the books!  My to-be-read list grows every day.  I read a lot & pretty quickly, but I can acquire new books even faster.  All those authors out there adding to the literary world - how can I possibly keep up?  tinkle-inkle-ink - instant reading bubble.  Such a heavenly daydream...

But it is just a daydream.  Aside from the obvious flaw in this plan - my inability to stop time or even, truth be told, wiggle my nose - there are other issues.

As mentioned, I read a lot.  Science fiction has covered this particular power many times.  Whether by supernatural, mechanical, or quantum means, this power has popped up in The Twilight Zone, Arthur C. Clark anthologies, Star Trek, Harry Potter (sorta),  From nuclear war to aging & insanity, this plan is always doomed.  

So I can't read all the books.


But I can read a LOT of books.  And knowing that I can't read them all might free me up to dive into the pile wherever and whenever I want.

Which is convenient since, you know, that's already what I do.

I should probably reset my Goodreads Goal for 2016 too.  I blew past that & there are still 3 months to go.


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