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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sew very sad....

I remember watching her on TV when I was in college.  And as a young mom.  And as a beginning quilter.  I can't really remember NOT watching her show.

There's a big quilting show in Puyallup every February.  About 3 years ago, I got to see Nancy, attend a lecture, touch quilts that she'd made.  I was such a fangirl.  It really was amazing.

I knew, thru her blog I think, that her cancer was not responding to treatment.  She was stepping down to spend time with family.  I knew what that meant.

I'm still feeling pretty heartsick.

She made an amazing difference in the world.  As a woman entrepreneur, a media figure, an artist, she opened so many doors.

My mother had Bell's Palsy just when I was born.  Mom was always so aware of the loss of movement & muscle tension - although it wasn't significant.  Nancy had Bell's Palsy as a child and it's effects were visible.  I always felt a personal connection to her - she was the first person I knew of with Bell's Palsy, aside from my mother.

A lifetime on camera - doing what she loved - in spite of her gender, the partial paralysis, the passing of times & trends - I always felt proud of her & protective of her - because she was part mine somehow.

A couple years ago, Nancy had a real time, video conference type workshop.  She spoke & did demos & had a time to take questions - by text.  I asked her a question about batting, I think, but in my text I also told her that she was a rock star.

She laughed - acted a bit embarrassed.

I'm glad I got to tell her.  

The set of Sewing with Nancy
Shine on, Rock Star.


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