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Monday, February 3, 2014

February is a little blah...

January's finish was down to the wire & a nice showy project.

Not all goals are that impressive but I think that I've picked a good one for February.

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 My February A Lovely Year Of Finishes is Processing My Tree Cloth!

(What - no fanfare?  No trumpets?  Just crickets.  I know.  Boring.  Practical.  But SO necessary! I need to get this done!)

Every summer, at Sundance, the people make prayer flags to hang up in the tree.  At the end of the dance, the tree comes down.  All the tobacco & other medicines go to the fire & the cloth is gathered to be used in special projects.  Not in ceremony - it's already carried prayers - but for bags & ribbon shirts & dresses & feather boards.  And, of course, for quilts.

I keep the fabric separated from the rest of my stash.  I love using the tree cloth for baby quilts & for giveaway blankets.  I also make two quilts every year to donate to the raffles we hold at the community meeting in March & at the dance in July.

I need to create a quilt by the end of March.  Before I can even start a design, I need to figure out what I have to work with.  So I need to sort, iron, and trim all the tree cloth.  I'm pretty sure I'm doing a strip pieced quilt, so I'll probably cut everything down to workable strips as I work my way through.  

Hopefully, I'll get to the design phase and maybe get some sewing done.  But for now, for my official goal, I need to get past the boring meditative, tedious relaxing task of ironing, trimming, and sorting.

So my goal for February is:
  • Iron tree cloth
  • Trim to usable shapes/ sizes
  • Sort out the colors

Not a very exciting goal but now that it's set, I'm kinda excited to be getting it done!

- sash

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  1. Interesting. Would be fun to see the ceremony. Anyway, good luck!