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Friday, January 3, 2014

Official Type Linky Thing

How's THAT for a technical title?

My ButtonIf it worked, then this is my first project in  A Lovely Year Of Finishes.

I've already blogged (in mysterious black & white) about this quilt.  Sadly, it was another wrapped UFO.  KT had to squint & imagine her completed quilt.  I am determined that it will be finished while it's still chilly enough for quilts, so it's the perfect project for my January finish.
Serenade Herringbone for KT
The piecing - once I reworked the traditional friendship block so that my mathematically compulsive brain wouldn't explode - went together smoothly.  Pressing & squaring after ever strip kept it even & I'm pleased with the way the colors look in the panels.  If I'd just added another border I could have stuck the landing & at least had the thing sandwiched for Christmas.

But then I was doodling in church - as I often do - & starting drawing wiggly, organic, vine like things around the edge of a herringbone scribble.  Hmmm.  That would look cool.  I wonder if I could do that??

Well - yes.  I can do it.  Not quickly, however.  Piecing the first side there took a long time.
One Improv Pieced Curvy Organic Border
Serious trial and error.  The others will be smoother, but on Christmas Eve I decided to attach ONE border instead of sewing more.  Slapped a bow on it about 11:30 - just before Santa arrived.

So my goal for this project in January is:
  • Finish piecing the curvy border thingy
  • Attach the borders
  • Sandwich (backing of grey/green textured minky:
  • Quilt (using my Pfaff Ambition & grey Presencia thread)
  • Bind (Black?  Brown?)
  • Label (Maybe the quilt-diva's embroidery machine will be back in service by then?)
Slam dunk, right?

- sash

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